As member of the ICONIC Alliance Mastermind, you will have access to ongoing training, coaching, and networking support from our exclusive

ICONIC community! The foundation of our Mastermind is built on the pillars of our Core Values.





If you are ready to GROW with us by building your business
and finding harmony in your life... then we are here with a team of experts

to help you master success in all areas!

Take a look at what we offer…

The ICONIC Alliance Mastermind Tiers

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

Tier 1 - ICONIC: Ignite

With our Tier 1 monthly membership you will gain access to our private Facebook group, ICONIC

Alliance Mastermind, as well as have access to our network of industry experts.

This tier includes one Facebook Live coaching call with Kris every week, along with valuable business development content which will be shared with the group regularly. As an added bonus - all members will receive access to the Activating My Purpose Program - designed by Kris to help entrepreneurs begin their personal development journey - at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

This group will focus on the basics of building and scaling your business, as well as provide a network of individuals to lean on as you get started.

Tier 2 - ICONIC: Alliance

With our Tier 2 monthly membership you will be

invited to take advantage of all of the Tier 1 offers (including joining the ICONIC Alliance Mastermind private Facebook group) AND attend 2 privately hosted group coaching Zoom calls per month. These calls will allow members the opportunity to mastermind and work together to learn and grow as entrepreneurs with one of our business coaches. This group will also have limited access to ICONIC's professional podcast studio.

This group will focus not only on more in-depth training for building and scaling your business, but also in truly realizing that ALIGNMENT > ASSIGNMENT. Making the right connections and leaning into the work will be the fundamentals of ICONIC: ALLIANCE.

Tier 3 - ICONIC: Elite

ICONIC Elite is for entrepreneurs who are fully

ready to push themselves and their business to the

next level. As an Elite member, you will have access

to all of the Tier 1 & 2 offers (including the private Facebook group ICONIC Alliance Mastermind), AS WELL AS access to 1-on-1 coaching with Kris. In addition, Elite members will receive a complimentary General Admission ticket to all of The ICONIC Experience Live events! Lastly, this tier will offer a unique and customized opportunity to utilize ICONIC's professional podcast studio, accessible ONLY to Elite members.

This tier of ICONIC will focus heavily on the 4 key areas of faith, family, fitness, and finance. The foundation of this group is to offer the members the opportunity to work towards peak personal growth and maximize business potential, by utilizing the expertise of a small group of like-minded individuals on the path to success in ALL areas of life!

Members will also have access to investing opportunities and high level networking. Membership for Tier 3 is by application only!

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