Meet Kris Whitehead

Kris Whitehead is the founder of Iconic Alliance - a whole life and business coaching program designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs excel in every area of their lives. He believes a holistic approach to coaching that encompasses every aspect of a person’s life is the best way to help his clients build successful and sustainable businesses.

Kris first started in the coaching space in 2010 with his program Think To Succeed. Along with his late business partner Lonnie Robertson, Kris grew Think To Succeed to a world-wide coaching practice in mere months. He has now brought all of that experience and knowledge, along with over 25 years as a business owner in multiple other industries, to the Iconic Alliance program.

Kris not only is a Best-Selling author, but also currently owns and operates 3 successful businesses, and has grown 5 over the last 17 years - ranging from 2 renovation and design companies, real estate investing, and several profitable online businesses. He was also the Director of Executive Coaching for an online coaching and development company that he helped build to 8 figures.

His goal is to help YOU win…at business, at relationships, and life!


About 0ur Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

– Steve Jobs

Our team is comprised of individuals dedicated to serving our clients and the entire ICONIC community. Each person is driven by our core values and is committed to helping you create success in all areas of your life!

When you are ready to go ALL IN ON YOU...we are ready to walk in the trenches with you!

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