"We create LEADERS...

not followers"


We don’t need more network marketing groups...we need more warriors in the fight. We need leaders who are willing to align with like-minded individuals driven to achieve at the highest level in ALL areas of life.

Who Is Kris Whitehead?


Are you dabbling in leadership, or are you ready to face the real work HEAD ON and never look back?

That, my friend, is when you are IN THE TRENCHES. That trench is where you will find me and every other leader who is ready to commit to paving their path to success.

It is where we find our true strengths, as well as our weaknesses, and where we discover the strategies to win in both business AND life.

The trenches are where you’ll find ICONIC men and women who live, breathe, and put it all on the line for their cause.

This is where you learn that what you simply believe is the best you can do, simply isn’t.

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