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Are YOU Ready to

Change Your LIFE

We don’t need more accountability groups.
We need more WARRIORS in the fight.

We need LEADERS who are willing to come together for a common cause… other than filling their bellies.


Meet Kris Whitehead…

Kris Whitehead, founder of Think To Succeed, New England Custom Remodeling, and Iconic Alliance is a High Performance Personal and Professional Development Coach.

Kris exploded Think To Succeed into a world-wide coaching practice in mere months and owns and operates 3 successful businesses currently and has grown 5 over the last 17 years, ranging from 2 Design/Build companies, Real Estate Investing, and profitable online businesses.

Kris’ expertise pinpoints the fundamental building blocks required to succeed in today’s marketplace, online and offline.

Kris mastery of laser-like focus and immediate implementation drive his client’s results while imparting the knowledge and wisdom required to truly empower his clients to win at any goal they choose in the future!

His goal is to help YOU win…at business, at relationships, and life!

“Integrity, Information, and Innovation…when you have these in sync,
everything you’ll ever want is yours to have.”

Kris Whitehead